VN Video Editor for iOS [iPhone/iPad] Download Latest Version

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App Information 

VN Video Editor for IOS

VN Video Editor for IOS

Size166 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago
Required 5.0 +

App Guidance For IOS 

VN Video Editor has a User-friendly interface for all kinds of iOS devices, iphones / ipad as well. The default app language is English, and it is easy to understand all the editing features. The downloading process for VN Video Editor for iOS is straightforward. You can download it from the App Store with their latest version of 2024 and install it on your iOS device. 

Many people may believe that editing videos can be a complicated task and you need equipment like a computer to get good results, but this is not true.

If you are an iPhone user and you have some videos that you want to edit professionally but you don’t have much experience or technique, there is a video editor that can make all the work easier for you, and it’s free.

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  • Performance optimizations and fixing bugs 
  • Partial zoom support
  • Add mosaic effects.

Features of VN Video Editor Apk for iOS

Audio Customizations

Beat Clips: Play it with free music with trending beat effects that take your videos to the next level.

Convenient Recording: With voice-over effects, record your voice through any External Mic, which makes your videos more energetic.

Project Sharing 

Customizable Parameters: You can now export videos in high resolution with high frame rates. Use to export in UHD 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. 

Quick Share & Export: Export videos with no quality loss and save your videos in draft folders. The export is often speedy because of the iOS operating system, and the app UI is well organized. With the app, you can share your videos on TikTok and YouTube as well. 

Share securely: With seamless collaboration, you can transfer your project from mobile to desktop or iOS. Using Google Drive or OneDrive with this, you can edit your videos anytime, anywhere in the world.

Advanced Video Editor for iOS

Keyframe Animation: You can use up to 19 pre-built keyframe animation effects by customizing the project and also adding other keyframes to curve the footage’s result on your iOS.

Reverse & Zoom: You can use the Zoom and Reverse options in your timeline in your editor to make your videos stunning and engaging.

Freeze Frame: You can create freezing effects in your videos by clicking the freeze option. The video will freeze in picture mode for a time duration of at least 1.5 seconds.

Trending Effects and Color Grading Filters 

Speed Curve: The Speed Curve Effect will apply, making your video clip very fast and slow. This is the Advanced Speed Customizer, where you can gradually increase or decrease the speed in the same video clip.

Transition and Effects: With the Transition Effect, you can apply more than 9 transition modes, set up your video overlay, and blur by adjusting the time and speed of the transitions.

Stunning LUT Filters: To take your videos to the next level and give them a charming look, you can also import a huge number of LUT file filters from YouTube or Google.

Rich Text Effects 

Subtitles: VN provides you with a huge number of different types of pre-built subtitles in different styles, fonts, and colors. You can use all of them in your videos.

Use of Text and Fonts: After importing your videos on VN Editor, you can see the text option in your timeline. Click to choose the text, then edit your videos with whatever colors, text, and fonts you like.

Ratings and Reviews 

VN Video Editor is an excellent option for iOS users. Globally, it’s a very popular application with a huge user base worldwide because the numbers never lie. It has a good star rating and reviews. It has 4.8 star ratings Out of 5 and excellent reviews, as well as many good comments that confirm how good it is. 

VN Supported Languages for IOS

VN Video Editor supports more than one language for iOS. You can go to the setting menu in the app, select the language option, and choose your desired language. English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Video Tutorial For IOS

Final Words 

VN for iOS is a great option because the iOS operating system is more compatible with this video editor. If you shoot video from an iPhone, It is highly recommended to edit videos in VN. All the editing options are accessible with ease. It has a user-friendly interface, smooth performance, easy social sharing, and a fully safe iOS application. Overall, rendering speed is outstanding because VN has been fully optimized for the iOS operating system. 

The app can support a variety of different video formats, like MP4, 720P HD, 1080p FHD, and 4K UHD resolution videos. 

Yes, VN Video Editor works smooth and fastest in any iOS operating system, even on older or low-spec devices, without having any crash or lag issues because it is fully optimized for iOS. 

Yes, VN Video Editor is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iOS Smart Touch Tablets. All the features work properly on both smartphones and tablets because the VN app is specially designed for iOS users. You can also get it on the App Store. 

Yes, it is highly recommended to edit your videos on the iPhone. especially the new models that have advanced GPUs and powerful hardware. It takes your videos to the next level in video editing experience.

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